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Father and child holding hands“My child is struggling”, many parents say helplessly. Kids struggle with their studies at school, with their teachers’ expectations, with their friends and social skills, with their behaviour and attitude, with authority, with their health, with their siblings and sometimes, even with their parents, and this breaks parents’ hearts.

For thousands of participants in many parenting workshops, happiness and confidence are the most precious gifts they want to give their kids to manage all the difficulties in life. If parents were fairies blessing their kids with future spells they will chose love, health, faith, confidence, wisdom and happiness. If they had all of them, there is not much else they need.

Struggling is hard because you never know what’s at the end of the tunnel.

Don Rickles

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Unfortunately, though deeply loved by their parents, many kids are not happy and life seems complicated and difficult to them. As a result, their parents struggle to get them motivated to get up in the morning and go to school. Most parents want to give, but the kids just don’t know how to take their advice, their support, their care and wisdom.

To be happy, It is not enough for parents to give. Kids need to be able to take. The Be Happy in LIFE child coaching program does just this. Helping parents present the information in a way that every child, regardless of age and ability, temper or skill, will be able to absorb.

At Be Happy in LIFE, with thousands of happy clients including kids and their and years or practice, we know that having happy, content, successful, bubbly kids is not a fantasy. It can be easily reached. So if you want to learn how to help your child with his or her challenge and struggle, keep reading.

Overcoming challenges and difficulties with the right guidance

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation

C. Everett Koop

Parents and kids rolling on the grass laughingAt Be Happy in LIFE, we think that with the right guidance and plenty of encouragement, kids can develop confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence. Once kids have that intelligence, it becomes part of who they are, accompanies them for the rest of their life, can be easily used as a shield against pain and a guide towards happiness and success.

In this child coaching program, we target your kids wellbeing as well as giving parents the tools to support their kids. Working with both parents and kids, we allow you to help your kids long after they finish their coaching sessions.

Our child coaching program is delivered in cycles of 4 sessions. In each cycle, we spend 3 sessions with your child and 1 session with you, their parent(s). In the fourth session, we give you a full report of our findings and tips on coaching your child at home. Parents can choose as many cycles as they think they need.

From many years experience, 92% of parents do not need more than the first cycle to get their child on the right track. There are 35-year-old people we worked with when they were kids and their life changed completely after only one cycle.

In the report, parents are introduced to many research-based educational, psychology and therapy management techniques, the art of motivation, mind power, the science of human behaviour, meditation, the psychology of communication and relationship building. The report covers Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) methods to eliminate undesirable thinking patterns that create challenges in kids’ life and limit their success and happiness.

The Be Happy in LIFE child coaching program was written by Ronit Baras, an international parenting expert specialising in emotional intelligence. Ronit has 28 years of experience in teaching and presentation and has seen thousands of parents and children from all around the world. Ronit is the author of the book Be Special, Be Yourself for Teenagers and the motivational book In the Outback with Jasmine Banks.

She has written over 1,700 articles for educational, parenting and wellbeing magazines published around the world. Many of these are available on her blog Family Matters, which focuses on parenting, education, emotional intelligence and personal development. She has published thousands of articles on parenting and has tens of thousands of followers worldwide.

In education, we need to focus less on giving and more on teaching our kids to take

Ronit Baras

Be Happy in LIFE Child Coaching (a.k.a. “3+1”)

The Be Happy in LIFE child coaching program is based on 14 fundamental beliefs and rules. If you want to know our philosophy, it is a good idea to be familiar with them.

  1. It is not healthy for kids to go to any kind of therapy (unless it is absolutely a must) as their subconscious perceives this as “something is wrong with me” and makes them think they need to be “fixed”. As our main focus in emotional intelligence, we do not think kids need to be fixed, they need to be guided. Working with thousands of kids around the world, we are convinced this belief is very unhealthy for them to have and we want to make sure it will not reside in their brain.
  2. Child coaching sessions must be completed in a very short time to prevent them from developing the “Something is wrong with me” attitude; therefore we limit the number of sessions and encourage you to take advantage of our 3+1 assessment. Having the tools to help your child will make it very effective and much cheaper.

    Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him

    Dr. Henker

  3. Happy girl chasing bubblesParents are the best coach for their own children. Therefore we will do all within our power to hand the coaching over to you. As the most important agent in your kids socializing and life development we think you are the best person to help your child. You are the person who will take care of your kid’s interests the most. Most of what you think, do or believe will be more meaningful to your kid than what any therapist will ever do. So we would rather give you the tools and help you do it because your impact of it will be much greater. On the session with parents we will discuss the implementation of the report recommendation and decide together whether the parents are able to implement it on their own or whether they would like the coach to start the second coaching cycle implementing the program. From 28 years of experience, we can reassure you that 92% of parents were able to implement the recommendations by themselves and did not need the second cycle.
  4. Parenting is a learned skill. Unfortunately, we don’t learn it in a structured manner during our life nor we have the time and money to invest in a degree in parenting. Therefore we will take you though psychological, educational theories and parenting tools that have been researched and implemented all over the world by millions of parents and were found to be extremely successful.
  5. The best parent coach leads by example. If you ask any parent in the world what they want for their kids, they will say, “to be happy, successful, and healthy”. Happiness, success and health care, no doubt, the most valuable gifts we can give our kids. Yet, since being a role model is our greatest tool to pass on our beliefs to our kids, it will be very hard to pass on happiness, success and health until we possess them ourselves. Therefore will help you connect between your style to your kids’ style and be congruent in your parenting style.

    My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it

    Clarence Budinton Kelland

  6. Happy parents raise happy kids. When parents are happy with themselves and clear about their beliefs and values, this will be reflected by their children, like little mirrors. Therefore we will equipped you with coaching mentality and simple but powerful parenting tools to balance life, work, family and your parenting task to reflect positively on your kids.
  7. Small problems when not taken care of become big problems. As experts in special education we know that any learning difficulty or emotional struggle that is not addressed becomes a huge problem. Over time, they get out of proportion and make it hard to assess the origin of the problem. Therefore we encourage our clients to address the situation as soon as possible and avoid the medication or using therapists. It is harder to change the kids’ “something is wrong with me” mindset than to treat any learning or emotional difficulty he has.

    Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry

    Alvin Price

  8. It is best to trust parents’ feelings when trying to help their kids. Therefore we have an written assessment that both parents need to complete before the kids attend their session. This assessment help the coach find similarities and differenced between both parents perception and the child’s performance in the session. This will help the coach adjust the session to the parent’s request and give suggestions to parents that suits their style and requirements.

    There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings

    Hodding Carter

  9. Parents with childrenEmotional intelligence is the most important ingredient in success and people having a high EQ can succeed in whatever they do. We think IQ is overrated and can be changed with strong emotional strength. Therefore we assess the child’s emotional intelligence and his natural ways of dealing with stress, frustration and pressure and suggest practical and easy ways in the report on strengthening the child’s emotional intelligence.
  10. All children can improve with the right guidance. Regardless of their age, ability or disability, their circumstances, their behavior, their social skills, their academic performance and their talents (or lack of it), we can increase their success and wellbeing. We have 28 years and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world who are a living proof of the Be Happy in LIFE method.

    Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be

    David Bly

  11. Family matters. WE think that any child’s difficulty reflects on the whole family and changes the very delicate and fine balance between a happy family and a very troubled family. Therefore we focus on families and supporting parents in their quest. Ronit Baras, the founder, the parenting and kids’ coach have dedicated years of writing advice for parents in her blog “family matters” with over 1500 articles for parents and educators.

    Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow

    Thomas Bray

  12. All kids are unique and no one size fits all. Therefore we focus on an individual assessment and report that matches your child’s ability, age, needs and emotional intelligence. We do not use a computer generated report or one set of assessment tool but adjust the tools to the specific kids. ( even if it takes a very long time)
  13. Labels are not healthy for children (nor it is healthy for adults) as they limit their options and are very disempowering. Working for 28 years with labeled kids and families brought us to the conclusion that there is more harm done to those families than good. Labeling is a very old fashion way of grouping behaviors to make it easy for the assessor but not for the one who needs help.

    We are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching

    Roy L. Smith

  14. Happy ChildGames are the best assessment tools for kids. Being stressed by testing most kids react badly to formal assessment where they need to perform. We have accumulated many informal testing tools in game formats that can give us lots of information on the child’s thinking abilities, emotional intelligence and academic abilities. When kids attend the session they spend the hour playing and their performance is much more accurate. All kids are so busy playing during the session they express disappointment when they need to go and are very eager to come to the following session.

    It is better to bind your children to you by a feeling of respect and by gentleness than by fear


Understanding Be Happy in LIFE Child Coaching Program

It is very important to note that life coaching is a trendy name for something that has been around for many years – personal development. Everyone can highly benefit from growing and developing in the right direction as life is a constant process of growth and progress. Every child has the potential of being happy and successful and together with their parents we can help them achieve it.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happenThe relationship between you, your child and the life coach will determine the success of the program. The coach will study you child’s personal circumstances, the program to your needs and requirements. The coach will help you find where you child may be stuck and show you ways to get him on track again

The coach will be in contact with you between sessions to answer any questions you may have and with older kids, allowed to have their own email address, the coach may email them to get them to address some of the issues raised in the session. The contact will be done with your approval only and will stay private and not public without any use of social networking sites.

I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it

Harry S. Truman

Before you start

Before you start the Be Happy in LIFE parent coaching, you and your partner will need to complete an online self-assessment to help you child’s coach determine the best assessment tools to use in the sessions and the most useful information to include in the report.

We found 5 advantages to our assessment procedure:

  1. Completing the assessment allows your coach to learn about you and your child, which otherwise will require you to pay for the session and share it with your coach.
  2. It allows the coach to tailor the right program for your child based on your answers.
  3. In some cases, it allows your coach to determine if there are conflicting styles between you and your partner that may reflect on the child’s performance.
  4. The information in the assessment done online will be used on the report to cover communication styles and save you time doing it with a pen and paper and calculating your results, which take about 30 minute. We prefer spend more time with the child rather than watch you filling a form by hand.
  5. We found that the act of completing this self-assessment make parents clearer about their expectations from their kids’ coaching sessions. We have parents that completed the assessment and called to tell us that filling the form helped understand the problem better.

Coaching Format

We deliver the sessions in face to face only as children must attend the 3 assessment sessions before the report is given to parents.

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today


The first three sessions take one hour, although we ask that you allow for 1.5 hours, in case we have something important to complete (which sometimes happens). We think that time should never be the reason we stop a good and healthy experience.

Sessions are conducted over 3 consecutive weeks in the same day and time of the week to allow us to have a better understanding of short term, medium and long term memory.

In special cases, when the child lives far, the assessment is done over two weeks for 1.5 hours each. Some information on long term memory will be missing from the report.

The forth session with the parents is usually done about 2-3 weeks after the last kids’ session and takes about 2 hours. Again, we ask that you allow for 2.5 hours for the same reasons mentioned before.

We suggest both parents attend the last session to allow both main socializing agents be on the same page and learn the strategies to better help their child. Running the assessment for so many years have thought us that when one parent attends the last session, he/she have no way of transferring the information to the other parent.

We ask that you come in with your child and leave him/her and the coach on their own for one hour. If your child asks you to stay as he does not feel secure. We suggest you stay and try to leave within 10 minutes. We suggest you come back in the last 10 minutes of the session as this is our opportunity to compare the kids behaviour when you are not there and when you are present.

To prepare kids for the session we suggest you tell them that they come to spend some time with an expert in finding talents and that we will spend time playing games to help the coach find out what is their best way of learning. (This is exactly what the coach will do). When they come to the first session, the coach will explain the same thing and record all the activities to be later transferred into the report.

Parents will receive two printed copies of the detailed report signed by the coach. Extra copies can be submitted on soft copies on request.

The report is prepared for parents only. We encourage you to share the report with others working with the child to align the strategies between all professionals. However, we suggest not share the report with your child.

Many coaching practices require clients’ commitment by charging in advance. This is against our values and against what we believe life coaching is all about. You will receive a tax invoice and will be asked to pay after the third session and before the reporting session with the parents.

If you wish, they life coach will stay in contact with you long after you finish the program. We still have regular contact with clients who used our programs over 25 years ago.

There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in

Graham Greene

What Kids Get from the Kids Coaching Program

  • CartwheelingMore self-confidence
  • Internal drive (self motivation)
  • A great sense of achievement
  • Better relationships with parents
  • Better relationships with siblings
  • Better relationships with friends
  • More acceptance and tolerance
  • A sense of belonging
  • A good understanding of themselves and their feelings
  • Some useful techniques for managing their emotions
  • Good time management skills
  • A changed view of adults as resources
  • Better attitude to teachers and cooperation with “the system”
  • Increased level of understanding and responsibility
  • Improved focus and academic achievements

What Parents Get from the Kids Coaching Program

  • Cat seeing lion in the mirrorA great sense of achievement
  • Better relationships with the kids
  • More acceptance and tolerance
  • A changed view of children and their potential
  • Increased level of understanding and responsibility
  • More self-confidence in their parenting abilities
  • A good understanding of themselves and their feelings
  • A good understanding of their kids and their feelings
  • Some useful techniques for managing their emotions
  • Some useful techniques to help their children manage their emotions

My daughter’s spelling has improved out of sight. Every week, they are given 8 spelling words to learn, put into sentences and write them four times. On average she is getting 7/8.

She comes home with new homework each week and is straight into it instead of trying to avoid it. We have bought her 3 of the fairy books (chapter books) and she is doing her best to read them any spare time she gets. Thanks to you, my daughter is a totally different person. She is so full of confidence and so much happier.

As my oldest daughter has said, “I now smile” and seem to be so much more at ease. I have reduced my tablet intake … by more than half. To me that is a huge thing. I am now spending a lot more time with both of the girls with their homework and just playing around.

My daughter’s teacher requested a copy of your report to read so he could learn more about my daughter and how he was able to better help and support her.

Thank you so much for helping us all with my daughter!

T. S., Mother of a 10-year-old Girl

Child coaching can benefit kids with many difficulties

The range of the difficulties children face which can be helped with kids coaching is huge. Ronit Baras, the kids’ coaching coach is a special education expert and have worked with children of all ages with many difficulties like: low academic achievements, behavior problems, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Social Skills difficulties, disorganised and lack time management skills, physical disability, health challenges, siblings rivalry, parents separation, anxiety, confusion, depression, lack of motivation, aggressive, lacking confidence, negative, challenges with communication, anger management, sadness, gifted and talented children and and children with special needs.

As you would expect, every parent has different needs and we pride ourselves for tailoring an individual program to each specific need. After many years of work and research and feedback from many clients, we can confidently say that the benefits of doing the Be Happy in LIFE child coaching programs are enormous. Each of the benefits in itself can change your life from blaming to responsibility, from conflict to caring, from depression to motivation, from confusion to clarity, from failure to success and from misery to happiness.

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Common things that prevent parents from getting a life coach

Now that you know why our Be Happy in LIFE child coaching program  is great, you may be thinking about how it could be possible for you and your family to benefit from it. If you are concerned about the investment of time and money that is required, you are not alone. Here is what we say to our clients.

I don’t have enough money to pay for my sessions

We know that money is a resource that you work very hard for and it is not easy to invest this money. Research shows that parents spend lots more when their children are angry, frustrated, emotionally troubled, with low academic achievements and with disruptive behaviour so the money you will use to help yourself help your child will be used anyway. The question is only whether to spend it on setting yourself and your kids for a strong, responsible, healthy, successful and happy future or using it to fix the weak, reckless, sick, and depressed future.

We believe it is better and cheaper to work on prevention and good foundation than to try to fix and patch it. We have clients that already spend a fortune to help their children with tutoring, psychology sessions, assessments and trial and error therapies when all of those focus on fixing and patching rather than focus on building a good and strong foundation. Most life coaching clients report a significant increase in income and savings, as well as quality of life. Otherwise, they would never have taken the second session.

Because there is no upfront payment, the payment is done only after the third session  you can always decide that one cycle is enough for you and you only go for the next round as long as you feel you are getting value and it is well worth your investment.

People spend lots of money trying to feel better by eating out, smoking, drinking and shopping and parents are just part of a society that search for a better feeling through spending. If you added these up, you will see that life coaching stops the spending and this saving is for life.

Your children need your presence more than your presents

Jesse Jackson

I don’t have enough time

Kids’ coaching takes time. That is true. Apart from the sessions, you will have lots of recommendations to implement at home after you finish the 3+1 assessment round. The implementation will ensure you integrate the new learning into life and create permanent change. However, this investment of time is returned many times over.

Although we have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else does, we can use our time better through prioritizing, focus, motivation and working well with others. Stress makes us unproductive and problematic kids are very energy consumers. Our program will help you help your child frees up time to achieve many other things. Knowing what is important to us and knowing how to get the important things done first makes us even more productive still.

After completing their kids’ coaching, our parents report that their life is much more organised, so life coaching has gained them time, which they use for enjoyment, for their family and friends, and for learning and developing their skills even further.

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Why Should I Choose Be Happy in LIFE kid’s coaching?

The short answer is, “Because you want to be a happy parent and you want your kids to be happy, responsible, healthy, confident and successful, your want it fast and you want it to last“.

A life coach can be someone who has done a weekend course or even a correspondence life coaching course without seeing one client face-to-face. We have coached other life coaches, counsellors, educators and psychologists and opened up the lives of many people.

We offer the experience of working with thousands of happy clients over the last 28 years and specialty in special education. So if it is no mainstream education, we’ll give you great results.

In education, we need to focus less on giving and more on teaching our kids to take

Ronit Baras

Some life coaches tend to work on their clients’ problems by helping them to analyse and understand each problem and listening to them as they vent. This gives the clients relief, but only until the next time something comes up. At Be Happy in LIFE, the focus is not on the problem but on the solution – a fast and lasting solution. We focus on a good future for our clients, regardless of their age, starting with goal setting, through finding strengths, aligning of values and beliefs, all the way to choosing life’s purpose and finding meaning. With our kids’ coaching, we can give parents the confidence they can help their kids to be happy and successful.

Our life coaching program is different from others in that we provide the report that parents can use as a blue print of their kids’ way of thinking, processing information, emotional intelligence skills and learning tools which they can use years after they complete their program.

We have a long track record of success in all aspects of personal development and emotional intelligence. As of today, we have collected over 20,000 testimonials praising our coaching, workshops, and presentation. If you would like to read some client testimonials, please click here.

The rules for parents are but three… love, limit, and let them be.

Elaine M. Ward

What our clients say

I am more understanding of who Jude is and appreciate who he is more.  He is auditory and this presents a challenge for someone like me who is digital.  I don’t understand why he always has to make noise but I can handle it most of the time now and I laugh a lot more knowing that is just who he is.  I try to cater more to his needs and abilities now that I know more about who is.  I believe he will grow up being more comfortable with who is because we support who is fully now whereas before we didn’t quite understand why he could never shut up.

I am more satisfied with our relationship.  I love him more, if that is possible.Amanda Toyoura, Mother of Jude, Lecturer, Yokohama, Japan, 31 years old

Our son was having difficulty with friendships at school along with displaying poor in-class behaviour. We could see that lack of self confidence was part of his problem. My husband and I first met Ronit years ago when we reached out for some help with our relationship.  We have both stayed in touch with Ronit since and I knew she was the right person for Isaac to talk to about school. Ronit listened to Isaac and quickly built a rapport with Isaac. Ronit supported us as parents as well, by being available to us to talk through issues as they arose and offering advice. After building up Isaac’s confidence and belief in himself and his capabilities, Isaac returned to the “happy” person he deserves to be. We are very happy that he is back to his happy self. Thank you Ronit. Our whole family has benefited from knowing you.Dennis and Leanne Henry, Parents

I would not just recommend this “Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids” program to my friend but also tell all the parents on our Better Start Program. Everything we learned was useful. I liked how Ronit was a living, walking, talking example of what she is promoting. How authentic she was about her family and herself. The handouts were excellent. Ronit is a world class. I have a huge respect for her intellectual and emotional intelligence. We are lucky to have the privilege of her wonderful company and insight. Gillian Fleming, Parenting workshop, November 15th 2012

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