• Touch of Magic

    The Sunday Mail interviewed Ronit Baras as an expert on the importance of touch. Ronit told the reporter about our free hugs campaigns and about how touch has helped our life coaching clients break through barriers.

    Here is the article for your enjoyment (click each image to see the full sized version):

    Article on the importance of touch

    The happy Baras family

    Article about the importance of touch

  • The Meaning of Life in Pathways Magazine

    Pathways Magazine cover

    Guest article as a life coach and parenting expert in global glossy magazine. The Mean-ing of Life in Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine.


  • Call in the Love Coach on Channel Ten

    Interview with Ronit and one of our clients on how to raise happy teenagers. Call in the Love Coach on Channel Ten.

  • Call in the Love Coach

    Interview with Ronit and one of our clients on life coaching for finding good relationships. Call in the Love Coach was published in bmag.

    Call in the Love Coach bmag article

  • Fitting in vs. Being Yourself – Can we have it both ways?

    Podcast Interview with Ronit by Annie Fox: Fitting in vs. Being Yourself – Can we have it both ways?

  • Happiness After Midlife Interview

    Interview with Ronit by Dr. Frank Bonkowski:

    Dr. Frank You have more than 20 years experience working as a life coach. You have worked with people with a wide range of ages, abilities, occupations, professions, and cultural backgrounds. In what ways, if any, is working with older individuals different from working with younger people?

    Older individuals can be more frustrated and carry more failure experiences than young people. I remember the first years of my work with learning difficulties. I always said that working with a 4 or 5-year-old is easy, because I can focus on the difficulty, but the older the person is, the more energy I have to dedicate to the emotional baggage. The baggage gets heavier as people grow.

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  • My Kid Needs a Life Coach in the Herald Sun

    CHILDREN as young as five are being taken to “life coaches” by concerned parents pushing their youngsters to get their little lives on track.

    Schoolchildren are being booked in by their parents to help them get friends, achieve more and work toward positive outcomes in their life.

    Do children need life coaching?

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  • Teaching With the Communication Style in Mind

    Here is an article by Ronit Baras published as resource for teachers and parents.

    Understanding how students learn best has always been a challenge. Psychologist Howard Gardner was the first to present the theory of
    multiple intelligences and acknowledge that kids use different ways to communicate. Although it is easier to teach all kids in the same way, considering students’ unique styles of learning has a huge impact on their success at school.

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  • Be my bloody Valentine in the Courier Mail Emily Everywhere

    Ronit interviewed as relationships expert for Valentine’s Day in the Courier Mail’s blog.

    Fast-forward to now, and I am happy to say men are still digging the day. I’m not just saying that cause I’m a chick and I want my Valentine to send me flowers to work to make all the other girls jealous. I actually think it’s lovely to have a day of the year to stop and think about the person who lights up your life, the reason you want to wake up, the person who makes you smile to yourself when you think of them whispering in your ear or holding your hand…

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  • Christmas Free Hugs

    Be Happy in LIFE spread some of its own holiday cheer at Southbank Parkland in sunny Brisbane with another FREE HUGS extravaganza.

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